Preconception counselling is offered prior to pregnancy or fertility treatment, to discuss the management of pre-existing medical conditions, and the associated risks during pregnancy. Strong emphasis is put on preventive advice that can reduce the risks of complications.

Pre-existing pharmacological treatments are reviewed, and safer alternatives prescribed as needed.


During the first consultation, your medical and obstetrical history is reviewed, asare the medications you are currently taking, to draw up  your individualized follow-up plan.

Prevention of pre-eclampsia and  early screening for  gestational diabetes are discussed during the first trimester.

Any medical problems occurring during pregnancy are exhaustively evaluated, diagnosed and treated. Here are some examples of medical conditions for which you may seek our help. A multidisciplinary approach and collaborative care are core to our values.

You or your referring doctor may request a one-time consultation, or a shared prenatal care plan where you are co-followed both by your referring physician and our team.


Physiological changes after delivery may also adversely affect medical conditions. We offer careful postpartum care, and  adapt your medications so they are compatible with breastfeeding.

Medical diseases of pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes, can be predictors of future disease. Postpartum consultation constitutes a ley opportunity to evaluate this risk and to implement preventive measures so as to minimize these illnesses from developing.

Follow-up is offered until 3 months after delivery. Smooth transition of care to your primary-care giver is then provided.



Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, abbreviated ABPM, is a test that accurately measures your blood pressure in real life conditions,  day and night.

A blood pressure monitoring device is attached to an arm cuff, and worn over a full evaluation period of 24 hours.

This test monitors your actual blood pressure in real-life conditions, and helps us to optimally manage your hypertension during pregnancy.